About FURN14

FURN14 is an internationally operating company from the Netherlands, Specialized  in buying (and selling) special design furniture. Our more than twenty years experience in our field helped us to develop an extremely good eye for quality and detail. During this time we have built up a large network and now we are buying our furniture from private people, companies, auctions and well-established dealers.


We operate fully independently from any manufacturier whatsoever. That is why you will find a big collection of new and used design furniture on our website. On top of that we have gathered a unique collection of special editions of design classics that finds its way to customers all over the world.


FURN14 can service you during the complete buying process, whether it is for a private project or a large-scale commercial one.

What we believe in
We love beautiful

We did not found FURN14 for nothing. We just love very beautiful things.

Beautiful works

We believe that people are much more productive when they surround themselves with beautiful things.

Design is for ever

Timeless design is exactly what it promises: You buy it once and you’ll enjoy it for the rest of your life.

Access to beautiful

We believe in independency. That is why you can come to us for any piece of design furniture whatsoever.